JEHOVA – van God los (3x35min)

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Step into the closed world of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the new Videoland Original documentary ‘Jehovah – Van God Los’. They believe that the end times are near: only through absolute dedication to the organization can they hope to survive Armageddon. They try to save souls from door to door. But when things go wrong behind the scenes, the doors close. Abuses, violence, abuse: it must mainly remain internal. And anyone who goes against the organization will be excluded and everyone can lose. A group of former Jehovah’s Witnesses are now stepping forward to tell their story.

PLATFORM: Videoland
Production Company: NewBe
Creative Director: Laura Veenema
Head Production:  Nicole van Leijen
Producer: Kim Kusters
Jr Producer: Ingeborg van Broekhoven

Director: Henk van der Aa
DOP Fiction & Interviews: Danny Stolker 
2nd Unit: David van der Drift
Gaffer: Stein Boon
Best Boy: Joost Kools
DOP reality: Roel van Hees
Veras Fawas, Davy Le
Colour Grading: Elisa Mariani (De Kleur)
Research: Rishu Veldhuis, Jeroen Kortschot