Alles Voor Elkaar (Romcom, 90 min)

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Before they all turn 30, four childhood friends promise each other to try and achieve the goals they had when they where 18.

After the ultra low budget film “Fatcap Express” was released in 2008, I wrote several scripts and treatments for thriller and drama films. Most production companies I spoke to reacted enthusiastic nobody really wanted to take the risk of investing in a film that was not a romantic comedy or children’s movie.

While cooking diner I overheard my wife and her cousin talking about the cousins idea to create a multicultural television series about the struggles women face while heading the big 3-0. After hearing a NO to al my thriller plans, I figured this would be a typical story that would work on Dutch television. I offered her my brains to pick with the development of the series and said it would be fun to direct the movie when the time was there to make it. Four years later we had a production company, distributer and all the funding’s.

I had two reasons for making this film. Most movies in this genre are about a few upper-class blonds, living a perfect life in Amsterdam. Not my thing! But I liked the fact that we wanted to do it a little different with a multicultural cast and with the raw city of Rotterdam as a backdrop for the story. Apart from that I recognized myself in the story, seeing my life fly by while NOT making the movies I felt the world should see.

Learned a lot, won a few battles and lost a few off course. You can check it out on Netflix.

Maryam Hassouni (Sena)
Esmée van Kampen (Lina)
Yootha Wong Loi Sing (Vanessa)
Sarah Chronis (Nicole

Leo Alkemade (Jonathan)
Oscar Aerts (Kees)
Jord Knotter (Bas)
David Lucieer (Gideon)
Mark van Eeuwen (Mike)

Production company: Pv Pictures
Executive producer: Bert Nijdam
Idea: Shenin Lebrun
Director: Danny Stolker
Writers: Dag Neizen, Liesbeth Strik
DOP: Nanko Goeting
Production Designer: Ben Zuydwijk
Editor: Elsbeth Kasteel