RICO (doc series, 5x40min)

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Following the 7 times World Champion kickboxing towards the fight against his rival Badr Hari in a series of 5 episodes.

We’ve worked with Rico Verhoeven before, and with great pleasure as this monster is actually the nicest guy on earth. He trusted us in his life, in- and outside of the ring for almost a year. Allowing us to film the road towards the biggest fight of his career against rival Badr Hari. We were able to see him in his private life, as well as his professional life. Rico’s fame rose drastically after the previous fight. In which Badr Hari gave up with an injury. Now the question was if he was able to win the fight again despite al distractions he had, while working on his career after kickboxing. Preparing for the role in his first big feature film, the sponsor deals and charity work. Not to forget about him being a father of three kids and being in a relationship that was about to break up only a few weeks after the fight.

Director: Danny Stolker
Producer: Mitchell Schutte
DOP: Muna Baradi, Boris Swaen
Sound recording: Henk Jelle de Groot
Edit: Thijs Willemstein
Editor in Chief: Sebastiaan Spaan, Sabine Lagerman
Grading: Danny Stolker
Sounddesign & Audio engineer: Henk- Jelle de Groot

Thanks to: Rico Verhoeven, Karim Erdja, Dennis Krauweel, Talpa tv,