You’re Beautifull (short film)

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What happens when you take away the music from a song and use the actual lyrics as dialogue for a short film?

We produced one of four short films created for the “Top2000” charts in 2018. Even though the song “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt is not the first song that comes to mind when creating a cool and moody short film. We where lucky to have writer that placed the lyrics in a context that is totally different than the original song.

This allowed to tell the story about a robot and it’s creator in a cool “Ex Machina/ Westworld” kind of setting.

Amélie Onzon
Gijs Naber
Lance Russell

Director: Danny Stolker
Screenplay: Paul de Vrijer
Executive Producer: Check me Producties
Production manager: Ymke Brusse
DOP: Nanko Goeting
1st AC: Eli van der Cleef
Grip: Paul de Vries
Gaffer: Jelle Mulder
Best boy: Thijs Willemstein
Sound recording: Donny Ulendorp
Art Director: Thomas Hamming
Setdresser: Jarrin Boekel
Make-up artist: Mariska Kuijper
Edit: Danny Stolker
Visual Effects: Thijs Willemstein
Grading: Danny Stolker
Music: Matthijs Kieboom
Sounddesign & Audio engineer: Henk- Jelle de Groot
Catering: Sterren van de Hemel

Thanks to: The Media Brothers, Schram Studio’s, Gripwise, IN-Casting, Rumour Styling