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Range Rover SVO

Range Rover Autobiography STORY CREDITS Online spot for SVO and their most luxurious, powerful and sophisticated Range Rover ever. DP/Director: Danny Stolker


Super A COMING SOON STORY CREDITS Super gifted artist “SuperA” asked me to help out with one of his new projects. It started out as a simple registration of the process of making the artwork and ended up as a cool short to compliment the artwork.  Director and DP: Danny StolkerMusic: Any Colour You Like

Rico 2

RICO (doc series, 5x40min) STORY CREDITS Following the 7 times World Champion kickboxing towards the fight against his rival Badr Hari in a series of 5 episodes. We’ve worked with Rico Verhoeven before, and with great pleasure as this monster is actually the nicest guy on earth. He trusted us in his life, in- and outside …

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ACT ONE (short film) STORY CREDITS Short film about a “regular Joe” who sees himself as a right extremist when he looks away from the ugly truth that is happening right in front of his eyes.   Starring: Boyd Demmenie GrundWriters: Danny Stolker, Boyd Demmenie GrundDirector: Danny StolkerDOP: Muna Baradi, Boris SwaenEDIT: Danny Stolker, Boris SwaenColour …

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You’re Beautiful

You’re Beautifull (short film) STORY CREDITS What happens when you take away the music from a song and use the actual lyrics as dialogue for a short film? We produced one of four short films created for the “Top2000” charts in 2018. Even though the song “You’re Beautiful” by James Blunt is not the first …

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Fatcap Express

Fatcap Express STORY CREDITS This film about two graffiti writers form Rotterdam who are each others totall oposites was released in 2008. I made it as a conclusion and ode to my own graffiti “carreer” as this was how my creative life actually started. I wanted to make the film in my art school graduation …

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Alles Voor Elkaar

Alles Voor Elkaar (Romcom, 90 min) STORY CREDITS Before they all turn 30, four childhood friends promise each other to try and achieve the goals they had when they where 18. After the ultra low budget film “Fatcap Express” was released in 2008, I wrote several scripts and treatments for thriller and drama films. Most …

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